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Optimation Leads in Advancing the Technology

  • The first and only Multi-Dimensional Combinatorial Nesting engine.   This started very early and has continued to be improved since its inception in the late 80's.
  • The first and only to do Vision Emulation nesting.
  • The first Expert system-based nesting engine developed in the 70's.   This started with our first nest engine and the need to solve real world problems.
  • The first to do punch/contour and punch before laser or plasma or machining.
  • The first to focus on direct CAD interfaces and correcting common CAD errors.
  • The first to provide a single database solution eliminating the need for 2 CAD systems.
  • The only company with Machine Interfaces (which allows nearly limitless programmability to allow maximum machine function).

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Optimation® drives the direction and technology of the industry.   Our depth of understanding stems from our hands-on manufacturing experience with our large customer base with high standards.


We pioneered nesting technology in the 1970s and continues to develop new tools to make companies more profitable.  Today we are focused on our Continuous Improvement Program through the use of a new measurement tool called Primary Standards. Primary Standards are the first measurements that directly tell how workers, work centers, departments, plants and entire enterprises are contributing to the profit of the business.


Optimation continues to be the leader in advancing our industry, which is full of "me too" competitors. Our competitors have been trying to model their companies after us, with the desire to be noticed for what we have been doing for years. In every industry there are leaders and those that follow. We are proud to be the company that sets the standards for our competitors. We promise to continue our leadership so you can be assured of always having the highest level of automated productivity and cost cutting technology available to you.

Every manufacturing situation is unique. That's why we want to learn about you, first. Then we're happy to offer our knowledge, experience, and software tools to help. Contact us now.

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