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Customers from all industry sectors come together to learn from each other. They gain real world production insight that quickly makes a difference in the shop.

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OptiUsers Conference

Our Annual Users Conference brings together our customers - online and in person - to learn about new advances and share ideas on process improvements. Universally applauded as time well spent, guests walk away with ideas they can put to use immediately.

How I Paid for the Conference with Knowledge Learned

Dematic (Grand Rapids, MI)

The Users Conference gave me the chance to hear and learn what others were doing in ways that would benefit our own operation. Here are just a few.

  1. Modeling Successful Operations
    Square D did a presentation on how they implemented Optimation in their organization. They had a very automated process of capturing the PPI (pre-programmed inputs) in the geometry, then automatically connecting that data with the orders in ERP. We're now working toward that level of automation and it has already saved us many man-hours in keying orders and improved our order accuracy.
  2. Creative Brainstorming
    I participated in the Laser Breakout Group, with other Optimation Laser Users. The discussion centered on how best to automate the nesting process. The Optimation engineers had several approaches to the specific question of using base parts and filling around them. After the Conference, Optimation sent everyone interested a file with the 3 parameters that would solve the problem. We now nest with very little interaction.
  3. Learning New Functions that Save
    While at the Conference, my goal is to learn about "Best Practices" that other organizations are using and implement the practices that will improve operations here at Dematic. I often compare notes with other Users informally at lunch or on breaks. I learned about others capturing expected material efficiency and actual material efficiency. Now, we're doing the same, and are able to very precisely adjust our costing and prices based on concrete data.

Users Conference

New creative solutions are coming to light every day. Not just from Optimation but from our User-base of customers. Learn how they help each other. Contact us now.

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