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Nesting Software | Weighing Material Efficiency & Throughput
How do you increase material efficiency and throughput at the same time with nesting software?   Read more

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I have certain parts that I always want nested together as kits so they can quickly be passed along to the next process. Is there a way to do this automatically?

Our Sub-Assembly Nest feature allows you to interactively place parts you want nested together and save them as a Sub-Assembly Nest (SAN). From then on, AxiomVE will automatically recognize when those same parts are on order and will nest the SAN of those parts automatically. This feature gives you the benefits of "kit nests" in a dynamic nesting environment without the typical drawbacks of static nesting.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Improved Throughput

7 Secrets to Improved Throughput

7 Secrets to
Improved Throughput

Produce more parts, with less errors, faster. Increase the productivity of your fabrication equipment with less effort using automatic nesting software.


Reduce Punch Duty Cycles

Achieve greater duty cycles with intelligent Tool Management. With Optimation® in place you can reduce or eliminate time consuming tool changes using preferred tooling. The software anticipates tooling needs and plans accordingly. If you have lots of tool changes you can use our intelligent tool management that lets you run multiple nests with a single optimal tool setup. Machine duty cycles over 90% are common.


Faster Laser Cycle Times

See faster laser cycle times with Common Cutting. Cutting two edges at the same time safely and successfully cuts actual cutting time on CNC lasers. Common cutting can be defined on a per-part or per-side basis among other options.


Less Downtime

Get reduced downtime with Collision Avoidance. Keeping the head down during rapids is only advantageous if the software plans the tool path to avoid revisiting loose or tipped parts. With our exclusive Collision Avoidance, the machine head never crosses a previously cut path.


Respond to Change

Be able to response faster to production changes using JIT nesting. With Just in Time nesting, you can respond to order or design changes on the very next nest. When nesting you can always prioritize parts by due date or arbitrary priority settings to achieve quicker responses. AxiomVET is intelligent enough to create the optimal production plan based upon your production requirements.


Avoid Delays

Eliminate downstream production delays with a faster response to production changes using
JIT (Just in Time) nesting.


Increased Order Accuracy

Have consistent, error-free order entry with Automatic Order Entry. No more wasted time assembling orders with shop floor order cohesion with broken order management and Summary Reports. Be in control of the shop with AxiomVE creating on time orders responding to part due dates and priorities.


Improved Product Quality

Speed the process and eliminate redundant programming tasks with Batch Input of geometries from your CAD system. CAD files are automatically checked for errors and placed in the part library without interaction. This saves time and frees your technical personnel to gain more cost savings.

We will conduct a private, live, one-on-one, customized demonstration at no charge. We will tailor the demonstration to your interests - cutting processes, machine brands, even special features specific to your production requirements.
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