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CAD to CAM | 4 Best Practices Relaying Manufacturing Data
There can be a lot of opportunity for error in passing manufacturing data from CAD to CAM by missing a step, grabbing the wrong file, or processing parts based on incorrect information. Ouch. If this rings even a little true to you, allow me to suggest a few alternative ways of looking at this process that could save significant time, error, and frustration.   Read more

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Free Benchmark

A benchmark is a free test run of Optimation software using your parts, your materials, and due dates. We'll benchmark on any of your fabrication processes - laser, turret punch, waterjet, router or knife. There is no cost for this service. With a benchmark you can compare the cost savings of our nesting solution results side by side with your current solution.

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Free Nesting Tutorial

Don't have a budget or a project for nesting? Planning next year's budget? We will be happy to explain nesting technology and its benefits in your application without the sales pressure. Learn how nesting technology can greatly reduce your costs. Be the expert on nesting technology in your company. Contact Us.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Optimation® serves a wide spectrum of customers - large, small, OEM, job shops representing many industries. But the message we hear back is often the same. They tell us how we've made a difference in the quality of their daily work and the results at the end of the day. Read on.

Bottom Line Impact

A Competitive Advantage

"Optimation helps companies like us keep their manufacturing here in the United States by providing a tool that enables you to be competitive in the world market. They cut our costs and time so we can meet our customer needs."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

Paid For In 3 Months

"Within three months of using Optimation for our laser, we paid for it by the material savings over the software we had been using!"

Gaylord Industries (Tualatin, OR)

So versitile

"Since starting with Optimation, our company has grown to include lasers, turret punches, and shears. We’ve added many different levels of manufacturing. One of the biggest advantages to having Optimation is that it is so versatile. It can work with and support."

Henny Penny Corporation (Eaton, OH)


Breakeven In 6 Months

"With the rising steel prices we needed to reduce our scrap. We looked at switching software at the cost of $70,000; which could be recouped with just a 1% savings in scrap in 6 months. The Optimation team worked with us to address the scrap issue – and for far less than $70,000."

Monroe Truck Equipment (Monroe, WI)

Cutting Material Costs

"The material utilization from Optimation software is also a big factor in cutting costs on a job and increasing profitability."

Millerbernd Systems (Winsted, MN)

Excellent Material Usage

"Our material utilization is routinely 85 – 93% on the laser, and 75 – 80% on the punch."

Thyssen Krupp (Grandview, MO)

Nesting Parts In Windows

"We started to nest parts in windows and make more use of the 180 degree pairs. I learned about “pre-defined shapes” and nesting beneath the clamps." (During training)

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

Common Cutting Is Flawless

"Being able to cut under the clamps of our sheet dragger lasers is a tremendous feature. The common line cutting feature is flawless. The automated nesting combined with the manual features gives us great nests. The automation built into the DXFs gains."

Gaylord Industries (Tualatin, OR)

Hard To Beat In Value And Service

"AxiomVE is by far the most significant change because it does more than any other change to help with the bottom line – better nesting efficiency. This combined with their awesome Tech support makes Optimation hard to beat when it comes to value and service."

Monroe Truck Equipment (Monroe, WI)

No Competition

"For punch processes, Optimation has no competition. We have seen our material usage improve by 25%. That is very significant. We went from a 60% material utilization to an 85% material utilization result."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

More And More Automated

"Through our growth Optimation has helped us become more and more automated. We are excited about the new release of AxiomVE, but even with our older software we have benchmarked against other softwares and Optimation has never been beat."

Henny Penny Corporation (Eaton, OH)

$100s Of Thousands Saved

"The new nests (using AxiomVE) are showing approximately a 4.5% improvement over our old nests. That translates to $100s of thousands of dollars per year."

Monroe Truck Equipment (Monroe, WI)

Part Volume

750,000 Part Numbers

"Optimation worked with us to accommodate our 750,000 different part numbers."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

Programming Time

6 Hours to 30 minutes

"I can order 414 parts in about 45 seconds. Optimation automated the part ordering process and what used to take me 6 hours now takes 30 minutes."

Delfield Refrigeration (Mt. Pleasant, MI)


Seeing Results

"Optimation worked out a reporting system where I could see what we were doing in terms of efficiency."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

Real Time Material Usage Information

"With Optimation we know what our material usage is immediately."

Millerbernd Systems (Winsted, MN)


Responding To Short Lead Times

"At our facility we run on short lead times. We have experienced significant reductions in lead times, especially in the area of custom parts that supplement our standard product. Often times, those parts are needed on short notice, and nesting with Optimation has streamlined that process greatly, through faster programming of the part and elimination of some operations from what we did before."

Thyssen Krupp (Grandview, MO)

Easy To Respond To Production Changes

"Whether we need to produce parts with intricate design or a simple part it is quick and easy using Optimation. The quick turnaround and quick changes on a nest are very important to us."

Millerbernd Systems (Winsted, MN)

Run Time

15% Material Savings

"Using Common Cutting, on a run of 8600 dissimilar parts, NPS achieved 15% material savings and a 20% reduction in cut time. When cutting 2” x 50” bars, NPS achieved 20% material savings, 20% reduction in CNC programming time, and a 40% reduction in cut time."

Northern Plains Steel (Fargo, ND)

Removed The Tool Changeovers

"Our goal was to reduce tool changes and make a quick changeover. With Optimation we removed the tool changeover."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)


Extremely Responsive

"Your technical staff is extremely responsive and knowledgeable."

Gaylord Industries (Tualatin, OR)

Excellent Speedy Service

"We have experienced excellent, speedy customer service with live technical support that we can understand."

Henny Penny Corporation (Eaton, OH)

Awesome Support

"It is a great product and the support team is awesome."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

Quick Response To Questions

"Optimation has always been able to help me with any questions that I may have with the software. Their quick response time has helped me tremendously with our productivity. Their willingness to help wherever is needed is appreciated."

Millerbernd Systems (Winsted, MN)

Immediate Answers

"We have been an Optimation customer since 2003. The technical support is very good. They usually know the answer immediately. If not, they get back with you fast."

Thyssen Krupp (Grandview, MO)

Personalized Training

"The personalized training is terrific. I learned so much more about what the software can do, even after 12 years of using it. The skills I picked up in just 2 days will save us even more programming time and make the process more automatic."

Northern Plains Steel (Fargo, ND)

Trained In 2 Days

"I can train someone in two days on how to run [the basics of] the software. It is that easy."

Johnson Controls, Inc. (York, PA)

Every manufacturing situation is unique. That's why we want to learn about you, first. Then we're happy to offer our knowledge, experience, and software tools to help. Contact us now.

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