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10 Ways to Reduce Waste

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Excellent Material Usage

"Our material utilization is routinely 85 - 93% on the laser, and 75 - 80% on the punch."
- Thyssen Krupp

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Scrap Management

3 ways Optimation can use remnants with automatic nesting

3 ways Optimation®
can use remnants
with automatic nesting


Remnant Management

The best remnant is no remnant (see Filler Part Strategies); however, in those moments when a remnant is unavoidable, making good and timely use of it is key. With Automatic Remnant Management, you can automatically, save, label, recall, and nest on remnants of any size. The software will create a cut line and program it for the machine tool.


Coil Cutback Strategies

Similar to remnant management there are several ways to manage coil cut back to avoid waste.


Skeleton Nesting

What if the leftover material isn't a neat rectangle or step-edged rectangle? It's a scrap with a - sometimes extremely - irregular shape. Maybe one large, odd-shaped part came out of a sheet of material. Optimation will save the negative-part geometry as is, label, then recall and nest on it just as you would a traditional remnant.

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