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Optimation is platform independent.

Optimation is designed to run on any platform – Unix, Windows, or whatever comes down the road. You’re never tied to your current platform. You can take us with you as your needs change.

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I can train someone in two days on how to run the software. It is that easy.
- Johnson Controls

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Maintenance and Support Contract Benefits

Rehosting/Platform Changes

It is a certainty that there will be new technology released in the future. Unlike many other suppliers of software, we have developed a platform and operating system independent product.

As new operating systems and new computer technology is developed, we stay current. At the same time, we maintain platform compliance with existing technologies.

While the work of re-hosting a site is not included in the Maintenance contract, the modification of the product to make it compatible is included. Upgrades to your existing operating system are covered as a normal part of our upgrades without charge.

Every manufacturing situation is unique. That's why we want to learn about you, first. Then we're happy to offer our knowledge, experience, and software tools to help. Contact us now.

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