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Nesting Software | Weighing Material Efficiency & Throughput
How do you increase material efficiency and throughput at the same time with nesting software?   Read more

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8 Ways to Evaluate a Nest

You may be surprised to learn that material efficiency isn't the only way to determine if a nest is "good." Consider more options outlined in this free report.
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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Reduce Overhead Costs

3 Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs

3 Ways to
Reduce Overhead Costs

Our Next Generation Intelligent CNC nesting software helps trim unnecessary shop expenses without sacrificing production time, product quantity or quality, or labor expenses.


Reduced Equipment Maintenance

Maintaining your turret punch, laser, plasma or other CNC fabricating equipment takes time and money. Optimation® helps maximize your investment and minimize your costs.


Reduced Software Maintenance Costs

When bringing in a new turret punch, laser, or other equipment it's convenient but expensive to use the nesting software provided. Optimation will save you more money while increasing your capacity far above any other nesting software.


Less Programmer Training Required

Streamline your programmer training time, effort, and experience base with one nesting software for all CNC cutting. Less is more with nesting software training.

Nothing's better at describing what we do and how it can help than a one-on-one, web-based demonstration. Invite your associates. Ask lots of questions. We'll learn about you, and we'll share our experience and software tools. Contact us now.

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