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Nesting Software Increases Productivity 320 Fold
Nesting Software Increases Productivity 320 Fold   Read more

Did You Know
The Optimation Advantage

Look to Optimation for leadership in technology and service. In eight significant and distinct areas of design, technology, and service Optimation is generations ahead of other nesting products. When doing it right and for less matters turn to Optimation for your competitive advantage. Read more.

Did You Know
Grain Constraint

When parts require a grain direction, we make it easy to insure that you have precise control.

Within Optimation, you can pre-set the grain direction graphically in the design file or interactively by setting an option. Either way, the part will be limited in its rotations within the nest to insure accurate grain direction.

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Quality Control

8 Tools to Ensure Quality Control

8 Tools to Ensure Quality Control

There are many opportunities for something to go wrong in the trip from design concept to finished part. Optimation can help minimize these opportunities by being your first and last line of defense against poor quality control.


Part Quality Control

Instead of simply bringing geometries in and preparing them for nesting, Optimation automatically checks them to ensure they can be manufactured. Having clean geometry lends itself better to a quality part being produced.


Grain Constraint

Some manufacturers work with materials with a directional finish, like brushed stainless. Others are concerned about parts being impacted by downstream processes where the grain direction is important. Either way, you can on a part-by-part basis set the grain direction once and forget it. Every time that part is manufactured we will respect the grain directive and only nest with it in mind. No more scrapped parts because they weren't cut sensitive to the grain!


Revision Management

Ever make a part only to find out that it is the wrong version? How frustrating. With Optimation, we'll alert you whenever you order a part with a version not yet placed into the Part Library. Further, because all of the golden CAD part designs are held in only one place - your CAD software, you never risk not looking in the "right" database for the latest version.


Automatic Interference Detection

When creating a nest the calculating the precise spacing between parts is critical to avoid part overlap and stacking. AxiomVE goes back through the whole nest and checks for part interference in order to prevent parts from nesting too close or on top of one another. The automatic nest respects part spacing, kerf, etc. when building and squeezing the nest but it performs this extra check at the end for verification. It is for both punch and contour processes.


Cut Condition Parameters

Each material (thickness and chemistry) has its own peculiarities when it comes to cutting. The cutting speed, the kerf allowance, part spacing, corner tolerances, lead-in/out variables and much more need to be calibrated in such a manner to ensure the best cutting environment for each material. In Optimation you can adjust these material-dependent parameters to the most appropriate settings to ensure the best quality parts.


Custom Leads

Avoiding a blunt part edge start by contouring the lead-in to match the angle or arch of the part geometry ensures smooth edges. Likewise, a custom lead-out can ensure a smooth finish to a cut path. With the ability to tailor the lead-ins and lead-outs, to improve the cut conditions for the part you will have a much better chance for a finished quality part.


Collsion Avoidance

What does having the laser head crash into the side of an internal hole do to the part quality? It's not good. With Collision Avoidance, Optimation automatically rotates lead ins/outs to strategically cut away from open holes, and thereby avoid head crashes and damaged parts.


Shop Floor Control

Making too many parts or rushing to finish an order because the counts were off are just two examples of inaccurate information sending the shop into a scramble. Accurate and easy-to-read reports make all the difference.

Using your part design files, quantities, due dates and our software, we’ll put the software to the test in a custom benchmark. You’ll know exactly what you could be saving. Contact us now.

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