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Cut Material Waste with Nesting Software
Material efficiency is one of the most tangible, first line benefits of nesting software. Today's post will serve as a launching point to access prior posts on this subject.   Read more

In Their Words
Quick & Easy

Whether we need to produce parts with intricate design or a simple part it is quick and easy using Optimation.
- Millerbernd Design

In Their Words
6 Hours to 30 minutes

I can order 414 parts in about 45 seconds. Optimation automated the part ordering process and what used to take me 6 hours now takes 30 minutes.
- Delfield Refrigeration

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Improved Programming Time

7 Strategies to Reduce Programming Time

7 Strategies to
Reduce Programming Time

Automatic nesting and part programming software can and does make day-to-day work easier and faster for programmers. By eliminating key strokes and automating repeated decisions, the engineer is freed to leverage his skills, experience, and knowledge on far more interesting, productive tasks.


Automatic Nesting

Automatic nesting and part programming for CNC contour and turret punch processes has never been faster, easier. With AxiomVE, Optimation increases the nesting efficiency, is sensitive to production schedules, optimizes machine efficiency and dramatically cuts programming time. Further optimize time using Batch Nesting or JIT Nesting.


Automatic Order Entry

Save time, effort, and errors by automatically importing orders from your order entry system. Include as much information as you like - due date, order number, quantity, material, etc. What would take hours to manually key, you can do in seconds.


Automatic CAD Import

Ever have a part design that had "issues?" Sometimes geometries have overlapping entities, lines that don't connect, or other problems that make them unable to be manufactured. By bringing the parts into Optimation automatically, we check for these issues and let you know - before there is a problem on the shop floor!


Assembly Manager

Ordering the same set of parts, in the same quantities for the same assembly over and over is, well, boring, and prone to error. Imagine placing one order, and all of the piece-parts in the right quantities automatically populate the nesting order bucket! Your work for the morning would be done early, and you could actually take lunch.


Automatic Tabbing

How hard is it to individually place each and every tab in the right place for every part on every nest? It's hard. It's time consuming. And it is a mess if something - even one tab - is missed or out of place. Parts come lose and get damaged. Solve this by setting the rules by which you want to tab - spacing, locations, and special treatments on certain parts - then let Optimation do all of the tedious work of placing the tabs based on your settings. Whew! Much easier.


Tool Management

Any programmer/engineer for turret punch operations will tell you, there is an art and science to correctly tooling a nest. The time and talent it takes to interactively plan the tool hits is exceptional. Optimation can significantly reduce the time and stress by automatically tooling each part at nesting. You set the table by describing the tools and turret; we'll do the rest.


Automatic Lead-ins/outs

There could be literally hundreds of leads on any one nest. The time and effort involved in correctly placing them is huge! And then there is the issue of correctly planning the best cutting path around freed parts or scrap, not to mention managing feed rates. Why bother spending the time, when Optimation can - again, based on your settings - do all of this in a matter of minutes.

Using your part design files, quantities, due dates and our software, we’ll put the software to the test in a custom benchmark. You’ll know exactly what you could be saving. Contact us now.

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