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Free Benchmark

A benchmark is a free test run of Optimation software using your parts, your materials, and due dates. We'll benchmark on any of your fabrication processes - laser, turret punch, waterjet, router or knife. There is no cost for this service. With a benchmark you can compare the cost savings of our nesting solution results side by side with your current solution.

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Free Nesting Tutorial

Don't have a budget or a project for nesting? Planning next year's budget? We will be happy to explain nesting technology and its benefits in your application without the sales pressure. Learn how nesting technology can greatly reduce your costs. Be the expert on nesting technology in your company. Contact Us.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Product Module Specifications

Our approach to nesting is unique in that it is comprehensive - not only in managing the part flow through the shop, but capturing and handling the myriad of real world issues that impact a nest.

Therefore, every Optimation product (OptiLaser, OptiPunch, etc.) is comprised of several modules. Starting with the Knowledge Base, and including the CAD, order entry and machine interfaces, and centering on the nesting engine, each module works hand-in-hand with the others to automate the part programming and nesting process. Learn more about the strengths of each module.

CAD Interface

The interface with your CAD system should be a single step, single database design providing a tight integration with built in configuration management. More Detail. adobe pdf document

Automatic Part Programming

The Automatic Part Programming Module (NCExpert) is a highly integrated processor for translating CAD geometry into a ready-to-nest part program. More Detail. adobe pdf document

Knowledge Base & Part Library

The Knowledge Base and Part Library are the storehouses in which knowledge is kept. With this advanced technology you have control of the decision process with hundreds of "set and forget" parameters that the expert system uses to insure that things are done your way. More Detail. adobe pdf document

Automatic Order Entry

Optimation gives you the flexibility to order parts in the way that is best for your operation, and the automation tools to integrate seamlessly with your scheduling system. More Detail. adobe pdf document

Nesting Engine (AxiomVE)

The Nesting Module enables the software to read the Active Order File for the current demand of parts, extract the appropriate ready-to-nest parts from the Part Library's Master File and, drawing on the parameters you have established in the "Knowledge Base," create the optimal nesting pattern. More Detail. adobe pdf document

Machine Interface (DNC Interface/Display)

Our Machine Interface goes far beyond standard post processors. Integrated with the Knowledge Base, it has the ability to make intelligent decisions based on machine specifications and user requirements of the machine.

Every manufacturing situation is unique. That's why we want to learn about you, first. Then we're happy to offer our knowledge, experience, and software tools to help. Contact us now.

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