Nesting Strategies
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Managing Part Placement in Nesting Software | Video
How nesting software places parts on a nest and how quantity of parts effects material efficiency.   Read more

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Three Nesting Software Strategies

How parts are viewed, nests created, and part production managed all impact the final outcome. Learn more about these methods and the different tools used to employ them.
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10 Ways to Reduce Waste

Reducing material use is a "hard" cost savings you can see in real dollars. Check out this free report for creative solutions for eliminating waste. Access free report

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Plasma CNC Software: OptiNest®

Plasma CNC Software

Nesting Software and
CNC Programming
for Plasma and Oxy-fuel

OptiNest, plasma CNC software for nesting & CNC programming for all flat stock plasma cutting equipment. Our plasma CNC software is a powerful automated nesting and CNC Programming software package for fabricators doing plasma cutting. Users realize time and material savings beyond expectations using AxiomVE with Vision Emulation and Multi-Dimensional Combinatorial Nesting.

Automatic Plasma CNC Software Nesting Animation

AxiomVE Nesting for OptiNest®

This advanced nesting engine "thinks". It resolves complex nesting challenges in seconds. This cuts nesting time and material costs far above traditional approaches to nesting. Watch the animation to see how it "thinks."

Automation Features

For plasma, oxy-fuel, and combination CNC torches- multiple or single head. Cut programming time, material waste and errors through automation.


OptiNest is packed with customer-driven benefits to deliver faster run time, less programming time, and better material utilization. Do more with less. Less time, less material, less effort.

How it Works

Plasma CNC software for plasma cutting is fundamentally different than manual or conventional nesting software, simply because it is intelligent and automatic. This detailed overview explains the functionality behind "one-touch" nesting.

Your Machines, CAD & Scheduling Systems

Will Optimation nesting software drive your machines? Will it have the features you’re looking for? Will this laser software work with your CAD and MRP system? Yes.

Invite as many associates as you like to a free, private, online demonstration of dynamic, automatic plasma CNC software. We'll show you how our approach to automatic nesting can save significant time and material in your shop. Contact us now.

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