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The Optimation Advantage

Look to Optimation for leadership in technology and service. In eight significant and distinct areas of design, technology, and service Optimation is generations ahead of other nesting products. When doing it right and for less matters turn to Optimation for your competitive advantage. Read more.

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CNC Software

CNC Software is the programming tool to drive any computer numeric controlled equipment.

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Part Quality Control

CAD Automatic Input of Geometries within our nesting software, reduces programming time, errors, and automatically controls revisions. Eliminate the high cost of scrap parts and re-work.

No Bad CAD Files

Our Automatic Geometry Input processes all of the parts in an input directory and places them in a master Part Library to be nested. This process automatically optimizes the parts for your fabricating process. It automatically checks to make sure each part is ready to be manufactured and meets all of the criteria of a producible part. Exception parts that fail the manufacturability tests are flagged for inspection by the programmer. Less errors that make it to the floor means less time spent dealing with them on the floor; where it takes much more time and is far more expensive to resolve problems

Concurrent Engineering

Design Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering can be combined into Concurrent Engineering. Concurrent Engineering can have a huge impact on the cost of design and reduce cost on the shop. Using Optimation® software, they can automatically and easily ensure clean CAD files are produced complete with manufacturing instructions built in. And all of this information can flow seamlessly into production virtually hands free. Revision control can be automatic ensuring the latest revision is being produced. Time from design release to the manufacturing floor can be under 10 minutes.

Our engineers have decades of fabrication and nesting experience. We can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation. Contact us now.

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