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Creating Part Assemblies

One tool Optimation offers to improve throughput is Part Assemblies. You can create collections of parts and order them collectively as opposed to individually. An assembly holds each part with the associated quantity needed to produce one assembly. By ordering assemblies, you save time and reduce the risk of order error or omission.

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Improve Cash Flow

Reduce monthly expenses by saving more on raw materials than you're spending on a software lease. Contact Us about Optimation Financing.
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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Order Control

Produce more parts, with less errors, faster. Increase the productivity of your fabrication equipment with less effort using advanced CNC nesting software.

Order Accuracy

Error-Free Order Entry

With Batch Order Input the user achieves a tight integration with scheduling systems. This ensures the proper quantities of the correct parts are produced when they are due. The potential for keying errors is eliminated.

Order Management

Summary Reports

AxiomVE is normally configured to ensure orders that require multiple nests will be placed on consecutive nests rather then spread out indefinitely. Parameters can be set that limit the number of broken orders.

Summary reports contain an Order Status column that makes it easy for the machine operator to keep track of orders.

Orders on Time with Part Due Dates & Priorities

AxiomVE uses order due dates and priorities (which can be pulled from an electronic order file) to ensure orders are nested when they are needed. Further hot orders or re-work can be prioritized to be on the very next nest.

Using your part design files, quantities, due dates and our software, we'll put the Optimation® to the test in a custom benchmark. You'll know exactly what you could be saving. Contact us now.

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