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Purchasing and Financing Nesting Software

Making the "money" decisions is often the hardest part of choosing nesting software. This report helps frame the conversation and explains several options.
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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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11 Ways OptiRout Automates

Cut programming time, material waste and errors through automation.


Automatic Drill Sizing to Part

Automatically matches geometry to drill sizes within a user-defined tolerances


Identification of Auxiliary Toolpaths

Provides an easy-to-use method of "point-and-shoot" identification of auxiliary router toolpaths.


Automatic Auxiliary Bit Detection

Automatically detects geometry requiring an auxiliary router bit.


Automatic rivet or screw placement in skeleton

Automatically provides rivet or screw placement in skeleton, undestructed holes and tabs.


Optional Single Sheet or Stack Routing

Gives you the option of processing single sheet or stack of sheets.


Alternative Material Options

Allows use of alternative materials when nesting for increased material utilization.


Point & Shoot Tab Placement

Provides "Point and Shoot" tab placement after a nest is created.


Auto Sheet Stack Height Calculation

Automatically calculates maximum sheet stack height per nest for stack type routers.


Automatic Cycle Sorting

Automatically sorts cycles such as drilling for hold-downs, applying hold-downs, routing, and drilling through hold-downs.


Multiple-Pass Routing

Allows multiple-pass routing on designated entities.


Automatic Toolpath Sorting for Material Flips

Automatically sorts toolpaths for processing nests that require the sheet to be flipped for pocketing on both sides of the material.

Invite as many associates as you like. In a free, private, online demonstration, we show you how our approach to automatic nesting can shave time and material in your operation.
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