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Optimation launches a new blog featuring news and information on CNC automatic nesting. This blog is for you - Manufacturing Engineers, Programmers & Fabrication Managers.
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Purchasing and Financing Nesting Software

Making the "money" decisions is often the hardest part of choosing nesting software. This report helps frame the conversation and explains several options.
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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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10 Ways OptiNest® Automates

For plasma, oxy-fuel, and combination CNC torches- multiple or single head. Cut programming time, material waste and errors through automation.


Automatic Leads

Automatically creates lead-in/lead-out and pierce technology.


Automatic Feed Rates

Automatically sets feed rates and power setting based on geometry.


Automatic Kerf Compensation

Applies feed rate and kerf compensation per material definition.


Automatic Torch Spacing

Creates nests for fixed or variable torch settings (using "like" or "mirror" image cutting techniques) on single or multiple plates


Automatic Marking

Provides CNC code for driving marking and scribing devices automatically, even for multi-torch operations.


Multi-Head Capabilities

Drives single and multiple head beveling operations.


Tool Path Modification

Allows for automatic and interactive tool path modification such as chain linking and edge-starting of parts, bridging parts, change in path direction.


Alternate Torch Management

Recognizes when the master torch cannot reach all parts on the plate and automatically utilizes an alternate torch.


Output Format Options

Outputs CNC programs in ANSI or ESSI formats.



Provides (through beveling configuration table) bevel angle, offset, and on/off information for automatically attributing bevel geometry; including automatic corner looping. Allows automatic programming directly from your CAD system.

Using your part design files, quantities, due dates and our software, you can put Optimation® to the test in a custom benchmark. You'll know exactly what you could be saving. Contact us now.

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