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Optimation launches a new blog featuring news and information on CNC automatic nesting. This blog is for you - Manufacturing Engineers, Programmers & Fabrication Managers.
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Three Nesting Software Strategies

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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The Optimation® Advantage

8 ways to win with Optimation

8 Ways to Win
with Optimation®


Full Knowledge Base with Expert Nesting Engine

Optimation® is the only nesting engine that is able to think about multiple requirements while it is building a nest. Our AxiomVE Nesting Engine is able to respond to multiple demands such as schedule adherence, material efficiency, machine efficiency, order cohesion, and many other sometimes conflicting requirements. The result is that AxiomVE can be trusted to make real world decisions in production to create optimal results and lowest cost.

You get the parts you need, on schedule and at the lowest possible cost.


Vision Emulation

AxiomVE is the only nesting engine that uses Vision Emulation to see the part shape. This technology greatly improves the nest speed and efficiency. It eliminates the requirement to rotate parts through small increments to find a fit.

To understand the need for vision emulation, imagine putting a puzzle together. A person uses visual clues about the shape and colors of the piece to eliminate most of the pieces so only a few have to be tried to find the one that fits. Now imagine trying to put the same puzzle together with the lights off. A person would have to feel every piece trying it at a number of different orientations to find the piece that fits.

Vision Emulation turns on the lights and simplifies the entire process. You get the optimal nest you need in a fraction of the time using the old technology.


Integrated Design

Optimation has designed its product to be intelligent and fully integrated with other manufacturing systems. This avoids purchasing a standalone module for every new feature or requirement.

Optimation software is designed to integrate with your CAD environment, your scheduling tools, your inventory system, your costing system, your part tracking system; in short it becomes a natural part of your efficient manufacturing process.

Optimation integrates our system during installation and performs commissioning services that insure that your production environment is as efficient as possible.


Single Step, Single Database CAD Interface

Optimation tightly integrates with your existing CAD system(s). Design and manufacturing data can be input into Optimation automatically in a single step. Our design eliminates the need to purchase, learn and maintain another CAD system. Because we work with all CAD systems you can have multiple CAD systems integrated into Optimation.

Our design creates and maintains a single CAD database; eliminating double database problems. All data is kept and maintained in a single database which eliminates double database errors and redundant work to maintain two systems.

Our design also eliminates revision errors that are very common to double database systems.


24-Hour Production Level Support

Optimation becomes an integral part of your production support system. Instead of supporting our software, we support your production.

When you call you get a real person; no waiting on hold for hours. You will have experienced application engineers with real manufacturing experience respond 24-hours per day.

There is never a charge for training and Continuous Improvement is a normal part of our service.

We are very proud of our support and we invite you to talk to our current customers to find out about this very important Optimation advantage.


Intelligent Machine Interface

Our intelligent machine interfaces go far beyond simple post processors.

During nesting, AxiomVE uses the machine interface to make decisions about the efficient placement of parts. Common cutting, collision avoidance, multiple torch usage are a few of the important machine efficiency issues that are known and used by AxiomVE to create the optimal nest.

Often machines need to respond to parts differently or require intelligent responses to different process requirements. Our intelligent machine interfaces are programmable by our application engineers to allow for complex production needs.

Our intelligent machine interfaces play a role in our support excellence and our Continuous Improvement Program.


Nest Data Mining and Data Integration

Optimation captures all data related to every nest. We provide an Excel spreadsheet that reads the data and presents it in a variety of summarized forms. This data can be very useful in making improvements in your processes.

This data can also be sent to other manufacturing systems that track parts, inventory, labor, material efficiency, costing, and a number of other needs.

Whether you have a sophisticated MRP/ERP system or customized systems, Optimation has the ability to support these systems with real manufacturing data.


Nest Strategies

Only Optimation can provide a range of nest strategies that greatly enhance your production efficiency and reduce your costs.

Like everyone, Optimation offers interactive nesting. However, few of our customers use this lowest level nesting strategy.

Our system is intelligent and can provide practical automatic solutions that provide optimal production plans that look well into the future and more advanced JIT (Just-In-Time) nesting which responds to every event in your production environment.

JIT nesting responds to changes in production requirements each machine cycle. It will also dynamically balance multiple machine loads; ensuring that all machines are working on the most important parts all of the time. JIT nesting can also greatly improve material efficiency.

Only Optimation can custom fit your production nesting strategy to achieve maximum throughput, and minimum cost.

A benchmark is a free test run of Optimation software using your parts, your materials, and due dates. We'll benchmark on any of your fabrication processes - laser, turret punch, waterjet, router, or knife - using your machine's interface. Compare the cost savings of our nesting solution results side by side with your current solution. Contact us now.

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