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Can your software automatically add radiuses to sharp corners so they cut better?

The Automatic Fillet Insertion feature allows you to specify the fillet radius, required angle change, and whether or not to insert the fillets on concave and/or convex corners. Furthermore, you can control these settings on a per-material basis.

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Four Benefits of Optilaser

Do more with less. Less time, less material, less effort.


Improve Material Efficiency

Cutting material waste or increasing material efficiency is often a top priority for most manufacturers. Optimation understands that where there is waste there is an opportunity for intelligent CNC nesting software, multiple strategies, and powerful tools you can use to cut waste. Learn more and read 10 Tools to Increase Material Efficiency.


Reduce Programming Time

Automatic nesting and part programming software can and does make day-to-day work easier and faster for programmers. By eliminating key strokes and automating repeated decisions, the engineer is freed to leverage his skills, experience, and knowledge on far more interesting, productive tasks. Learn more and read 7 Strategies to Reduce Programming Time.


Improve Throughput

Produce more parts, with less errors, faster. Increase the productivity of your fabrication equipment with less effort using automatic nesting software. Learn more and read 7 Secrets to Improved Throughput.


Reduce Overhead Costs

Our Next Generation Intelligent CNC nesting software helps trim unnecessary shop expenses without sacrificing production time, product quantity or quality, or labor expenses. Learn more and read 3 Ways to Reduce Overhead Costs.

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