Q&A Quick Facts
Can your software automatically add radiuses to sharp corners so they cut better?

The Automatic Fillet Insertion feature allows you to specify the fillet radius, required angle change, and whether or not to insert the fillets on concave and/or convex corners. Furthermore, you can control these settings on a per-material basis.

Q&A Quick Facts
Can you do automatic ramping and/or corner slowdowns?

We have several methods of ensuring your part corners cut cleanly. Depending on what works best with your particular laser, we can add dwells to corners, or even automatically segment the toolpath as we approach and exit a corner and change the cut conditions as needed to insure the corner cuts as cleanly as possible. It is also possible to automatically add small radii (fillets) to corners.

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Nine Ways OptiLaser Automates

Cut programming time, material waste and errors through automation.


Automatic Collision Avoidance

Protecting your parts and machine are critical to successful laser cutting. See how our Collision Avoidance tool achieves smooth operation with intelligent tool path creation Learn more.


Automatic Common Edge Cutting

Automatic common edge cutting for lasers is the product of smart programming and settings that let you cut the way you want. Learn more.


Automatic Lead Generation

Automatically creates lead-in/lead-out based on a lead-in library.


Feed Rate & Kerf Settings per Material

Applies feed rate and kerf compensation per material definition.


Automatic or Interactive Tabbing

In all but unusual situations, our Automatic Tabbing works flawlessly. If interaction is desired we provide intelligent "Point and Shoot" tab placement after a nest is created.


Kerf Management

Automatically determines kerf side and direction.


Manufacturing Specification Reading

Reads and applies key manufacturing information marks for bend lines, weld lines, grain direction, part numbers, order numbers, or anything you need with Geometric Marking and Text Etching. Works with your current CAD system to create a single database for both design and manufacturing data.


Part Quality Control

Provides machine-independent quality control of parts (i.e. multiple, dissimilar machines can be run from the sample Part Library).


Per Part Feed Rate Settings

Automatically sets feed rates and power setting based on geometry.

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