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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Will OptiComp Work in your shop?

OptiComp automatic nesting and programming drives your knives and wheel cutters and seamlessly integrates with your CAD and scheduling systems.

We have never failed to create a Machine Interface.

Regardless of your 2D cutting process or the brands of machines you choose to run, we will create and support the machine interface you need. Below is just a sample of the wide variety of machines we run. We keep pace with the changing machine tool environment and our customer needs. If you don't see your brand or process, call us. We can still help.

Composite Brands Supported

  • American GFM (AGFM)
  • Gerber

Composite Processes Supported

  • Ultrasonic knives
  • Reciprocating knives
  • Wheels

CAD Packages Supported

  • All CAD Packages outputting IGES or DXF
  • Pro-Engineer
  • Solidworks
  • EDS Unigraphics

Scheduling Systems Supported

  • Kanban
  • Demand-Pull systems

Supporting Your Approach to Manufacturing

We have designed a flexible, adaptable and intelligent expert system so you can support your customers in the best possible manner. With Optimation® you're never held to one way of doing something because "that's the way it's done". We work to support YOUR approach because you know what's best for your customers.

Invite as many associates as you like. In a free, private, online demonstration, we show you how Optimation's approach to automatic nesting can shave time and material in your operation.
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