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When Material Savings Don’t Justify a Nesting Software Purchase

Justifying a Nesting Software Purchase

Justifying a Nesting Software Purchase - Beyond Material Savings

One of nesting software’s the biggest benefits is material savings.  Manufacturers can see improvements in material usage of 5-15%.  That’s huge!  And that’s one of the primary reasons material savings is called upon to help make the financial case for a nesting software purchase.  There’s a clear line between use of nesting software and material saved in fabricating.

That said, what if you cut inexpensive material, where material savings isn’t a big dollar figure?  Or what if you don’t cut a large volume of material?  Then can a case be made for the purchase of nesting software?

The answer is “yes.”  Let’s talk about the other ways to make a case for nesting software that don’t hinge on material savings. Read more …

How to Avoid a Mistake Choosing a Nesting Software Provider

Choosing the Right Nesting Software Vendor

Choosing the Right Nesting Software Vendor

So, you’re thinking about nesting software – either using it for the first time or possibly changing providers.  Great.  You’ve come to the right place for help.  You may have searched the Internet and found lots of companies that sell nesting software.  But how do you choose?  Who does what?  What’s the difference among these companies?

There is a lot to digest when you explore nesting software.  However, the first thing you need to know is that not all nesting software vendors are alike.  Yes, they all sell nesting software, but they come at it from very different approaches. Read more …

How to Shop for Nesting Software

Sheet Metal Software Shopping Tools & Techniques

Sheet Metal Software Shopping Tools & Techniques

Whether you’re in the market now or think buying sheet metal software may be a project in the future, it’s helpful to have tools and techniques to make the process easier, more efficient and a productive use of your time.

Assuming you’re not a professional buyer or in the corporate product acquisition department, you may not be used to identifying, evaluating, requisitioning, budgeting, and purchasing sheet metal software.  It can be a daunting task for the uninitiated or the already busy.

Indeed, most manufacturing engineers, programmers, or even manufacturing management doesn’t concern themselves with the software acquisition process on a day-to-day basis.  Their focus is all about producing parts and products.  And suffice to say, there isn’t a lot of overlap in the steps and processes involved in purchasing software and producing a product.  So there is often a fairly large, on-the-job learning curve to be had for anyone endeavoring to research and purchase sheet metal software. Read more …