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Nesting Software | 9 Insider Tips to Benefiting the Most from a Demo

Preparing for a Nesting Software Demo

Preparing for a Nesting Software Demo

It seems natural to start requesting demonstrations of nesting software when you begin your research for a nesting software package.  The objective seems obvious. You want to know what the nesting software does and how it works.  And one of the best ways to answer those questions is to see a demo.

Stop.  Before you pick up the phone or fill out that online form to request a demo, there are several things you can do first to make the demo a productive use of your time.  Trust me on this one.  We’ve done a bazillion demos, and the manufacturers who were well prepared came away with clear action items, a clear idea of how it would benefit them, and a shorter, less-stressful acquistion timeline.

So here’s the formula for watching nesting software demonstrations success. Read more …