Nesting Software and the Sheet Loader

Some brands of lasers have for a while now offered the option of automatic sheet loading.  This amazing labor-saving device relives the machine operator of one operation and enables him to tend to other, more nuanced activities.

Sheet loaders typically come in one of two forms.  A single-sheet loader will draw from a stack of homogenous material, one sheet after another continuously.  This is ideal for a manufacturer needing to produce a volume of parts from the same material (size and chemistry).  The other form is a multi-shelf unit, where a variety of material compositions and sizes can be inventoried.  Conversely, this is ideal for a manufacturer needing to draw on different materials for shorter runs.

Nesting Software and the Sheet Loader

At first glance it may not seem that nesting software would have any relationship with the sheet loaders.  A natural expectation would be for the nesting software to pick up the process with the material already selected and on the bed for cutting.

In reality, intelligent nesting software can control the sheet loader, generating a program to automatically engage the loader to bring down a sheet for cutting, or as in the case of a multi-shelf unit select the right material from the correct shelf based on the demands of the next nest program.

The brilliant advantage here is the seamless automation between machine controls and nesting software creating an environment with little or no downtime for sheet loading.  Further, the operator is freed from making decisions about loading and interacting with the loader.

Automation in Action

The automation built into this machine-software relationship affords the machine operator more time and less chaos.  Further, it drives machine uptime with less time needed for material uploading and changeovers.  Finally, the opportunity for error – using the wrong material or size – as a function of operator interaction is eliminated.

With a synergistic relationship there can as is a win-win situation for both the operation and the operation.

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