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How Different Nesting Technologies Address Material Efficiency | Video

The art of arranging parts on a sheet of metal is known as “nesting.”

Many nesting software technologies focus exclusively on the best way to layout parts to minimize material waste.

The reality is that this is a far more complicated – dynamic – problem.  Most manufacturers contend with not only material usage, but machine efficiency, schedules demand, part and order flow, and unplanned demand.

This brief video breaks down the approaches of list-driven nesting and cost-driven nesting to illustrate the impact they have on the overall production and achieving material and machine efficiency and production demands.

View video here.

For the other videos in this series visit our Nesting Software University.

With the right strategies, integration techniques and technology, your nesting software can deliver results far beyond mere material efficiency.

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How Different Nesting Technologies Achieve Material Efficiency | Video

Programmers, fabricators are faced with many factors to consider when creating a nest.

  • Schedule Demand
  • Machine Efficiency
  • Unplanned Demand
  • Part & Order Flow
  • Material Efficiency
All of these have a cost impact and must be considered when trying to find the optimal solution.
This compounds an already complex nesting challenge in finding the optimal layout simply to conserve material with thousands upon thousands of part orientation and layout options.  Even in a small nest with only a few parts the problem gets very, very large.
Multiple strategies have attempted this problem over the years with varying success.
This short video (the first in a 3-part series) looks at how different nesting technologies tackle the problem.
Nesting Software to Achieve Material Efficiency

Nesting Software to Achieve Material Efficiency

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