Nesting Software Reports You Can Trust

How Efficient are Your Nests, Machines, Materials?

Many manufacturers, fabricators have at best a rough estimate or back-of-the-envelope guess as to the efficiency of their nests.  For most, it takes time and effort they simply don’t have during a busy work day to gather the data and run the numbers.


What Could You Do with Actionable Data?

How would it change the way you operate if you could easily and accurately know how efficient a given nest, material, machine, sheet size or any combination thereof is?  Could you order material more effectively?  Could you route parts to machines more intelligently?  Could you create better nests?  Could you save material, operator time, programming time or produce more product faster?


Optimation’s Sum of Sums Report

The Sum of Sums Report by Optimation is your answer to these questions and more.  Automatically, and with no manual interaction, Optimation collects thousands of data points on each nest per sheet, per material and per machine.  Every nest can be thoroughly analyzed with a quick review of the summary tables.


In Just a Few Minutes You Can Know –

  1. which nests are high (or low) efficiency
  2. which machines are performing well (or underperforming)
  3. which sheet sizes are best optimized
  4. which materials are seeing the highest efficiencies
  5. what the actual and rectangular (as if a rectangle is drawn around each part) efficiencies are for each nest
  6. how your efficiency level is holding up over time
  7. which parts are “problem parts” creating excessive waste


Built in Feedback Loop

Beyond being a robust but passive reporting device, the Sum of Sums output data can be integrated into your scheduling (MRP/ERP) system for real time updating of order status.  As parts are nested, the Sum of Sums reports back to your scheduler that the order is “complete,” and it can take those orders out of the order pool.  Fast, easy, efficient order management that closes the communication loop with scheduling.


With Knowledge Comes Improvement

With real, clear data based on how your nests, your parts, and your materials are performing you, too, can make intelligent choices to drive better, more productive operations.


Contact Optimation Today for More Information

877-827-2100 (toll free)

816-228-2100 x 223 (sales direct)

816-228-2100 x 222  (pre-sale technical direct)

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