Nesting Software Increases Productivity 320 Fold

Vac-U-Max Productivity U-Turn

Vac-U-Max Productivity U-Turn

We talk to manufacturers every day.  Each story is unique.  Some are in need of material savings.  Some are struggling with the slow task of programming.  Some want to better manage orders.  Finally, some are looking for a better way to connect engineering design, scheduling, and the shop floor.

Vac-U-Max from Bellevelle, NJ, was hampered by the manual nature of their programming and nesting operation.  Programming created a massive shop bottleneck.  It  took multiple hours per day and held up the laser operation.  The laser, not to mention all downstream operations, was “impatiently” waiting on programs every day.

Not good.

Fortunately, Vac-U-Max reached out to Optimation for help.  The result was a dramatic turn-around in productivity.  The laser didn’t need to wait – it could be running not 4 hours per day, but 10 hours per day as more work was brought in and the fabrication operation scaled up.  Vac-U-Max slashed the time from design to nest from  a ratio of 4 hours of programming to 4 hours of cutting to 15 minutes of programming for 20 hours of cutting.  A 320-fold increase.  The positive results were very apparent from “Day 1.”


Read more about the turn-around success story the partnership between Vac-U-Max and Optimation create here.


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  1. Philip J. Scalise on said:

    Where can I learn more about tooling and nesting opportunities in precision etching applications?

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