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How to Evaluate Your Sheet Metal Nesting Process | Part 1 of 4

How to Evaluate the Nesting Process

Steps to Evaluate the Nesting Process

Most would agree that sheet metal nesting is process.  There are steps; some sequential, some parallel. The activities flow; sometimes well, sometimes not so well. Decisions are made, information is shared, and actions are taken.  The sum of which is a process.

Even though there is significant value to looking critically at the process, most manufacturers rarely review the it unless there is a mandate to begin a Lean Initiative, a major problem, or an alternative sheet metal software solution is under consideration, which is sometimes indicative of a major problem.   Why? Because the day to day management of the process is all consuming. Read more …

Nesting Software | 8 Best Practices to Gain Productivity

Does the nest meet all production requirements?

Does the nest meet all production requirements?

When sheet metal nesting every parameter, machine setting, order sequence, or part layout choice impacts nesting productivity – time & material.

There are countless sheet metal fabrication requirements to be considered when placing parts on a CNC punch, laser, plasma, waterjet or router.  The design, the fabrication requirements, and the order sequence can have a significant impact on the quality of the nest.  How well those requirements are respected when compiling a  nest is at the heart of an effective sheet metal nesting strategy.

Let’s look some of the real world demands that these requirements place on a programmer when nesting, and more significantly, the tools and techiques available improve your numbers today. Read more …

Nesting Software | 9 Insider Tips to Benefiting the Most from a Demo

Preparing for a Nesting Software Demo

Preparing for a Nesting Software Demo

It seems natural to start requesting demonstrations of nesting software when you begin your research for a nesting software package.  The objective seems obvious. You want to know what the nesting software does and how it works.  And one of the best ways to answer those questions is to see a demo.

Stop.  Before you pick up the phone or fill out that online form to request a demo, there are several things you can do first to make the demo a productive use of your time.  Trust me on this one.  We’ve done a bazillion demos, and the manufacturers who were well prepared came away with clear action items, a clear idea of how it would benefit them, and a shorter, less-stressful acquistion timeline.

So here’s the formula for watching nesting software demonstrations success. Read more …