Achieve Lean Fabrication Success with Small Nesting Changes

Achieving Lean Success with Nesting Software

Taking Lean Steps with Nesting Software


Imagine going into the boss’s office and announcing, “Boss, I have a great idea.  I can save the company thousands of dollars, and it will only take 10 years to see results.”  Maybe there is a manufacturer out there with that long-term vision or the margins to justify a protracted project and long-awaited results.

I’m here to tell you, that if you want your crisis solved or your idea for lean manufacturing techniques to succeed, nothing sells like success.

Small, incremental progress with real, tangible results will rule the day for any project to maintain momentum, insure ongoing commitment, and demonstrate viability.

Let’s look at what that means in manufacturing.

  1. Trimming a fraction of a percent off of the total waste.
  2. Cutting the programming time of a part.
  3. Evaluating the need or application of shearing in the punch process.
  4. Critically looking at tool changeovers.
  5. Looking into remnants.  How are they managed?  How can they be eliminated?
  6. Understanding order flow.
  7. Is there a better way to deal with hot parts?
  8. Thinking, we can’t be the first manufacturer to deal with special tools.
  9. Asking, why does order entry take as long as it does?
  10. Can we nest beneath the clamps?
  11. What would our waste look like if we introduced common cutting?
  12. Could filler parts make a difference?

Here are just a few ideas that are points of entry to a discussion on “lean” fabrication with nesting for your operation. Engage Optimation in that discussion, we’ll leverage years of experience to extend the knowledge base of your team.  Then implement.  Now.  Remember, there is an urgency of “crisis” at hand.

Don’t wait for the grand plan or the big picture to fall into place.  That will come in time.  For now, take a small step, which leads to documented results.  Indeed, those results may make self-evident the next step, or they may open up a discussion that was heretofore not considered.

At this point you have the flexibility of a from-the-ground-up plan without a great deal of structure, so you can shift directions easily if needed.  Then take the next step; then the next. With momentum, the plan for lean effectiveness can now take shape without “analysis paralysis” or those long meetings with no action plan in sight we talked about previously.

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