Starting Lean Fabrication Project with Nesting Software

Lean Manufacturing & Nesting Software

Lean Manufacturing & Nesting Software

In this era of economic turmoil, returning to – or maybe introducing – the concepts of lean manufacturing can serve us well in understanding the tools at hand with Optimation.  Over the next few posts we’ll look at “lean” from a number of perspectives, with the intent to understand what “lean” means and how Optimation can support its concepts.

Idea #1: Never Waste a Good Crisis

Does the idea of “launching a program” or “starting a new initiative” bring the terror of long meetings ending in inaction to mind?  Yes? Me, too. How many ideas – no matter how well intentioned – never get off the ground?  They get bogged down in bureaucracy, territorial disputes, budget crunches, or you name it.  So, how do “lean” initiatives get off the ground?

Someone was watching; waiting, then took advantage of a good crisis.  When business, productivity, margins, profits, expenses or public opinion, went the wrong way, they stood up and said, “I’ve got an idea!”  Because, it is in those fleeting moments of urgency the decision makers are most receptive to a “change” idea.  Look to your own experience as a perfect example. When are you most motivated to replace a tire on the car?  When it is flat, and you’re sitting on the side of the road – Mad.

Manufacturing is no different.  I’m sure you’ve seen examples of manufacturers who will always do what they’ve always done.  Why?  Because it’s the way they’ve always done it.  But when the economy turns and downward pressure is placed on all of the pain spots – revenue, profits, margins – the wise leader will act. Not panic. Act.  He will turn to his toolbox of lean strategies and dig in.

Don’t have a handy crisis to leverage?

That’s okay. You don’t need to have a crisis to get traction with a lean initiative.  Are you the Number 1 competitor in your industry?  Great, how close is #2, and are they gaining on you?  There is your urgent motive to act.  What if you’re #2, or #3, or #475?  What would it take to move up the ranks or hold your own in this market?  Further, are you slipping at any noticeable rate?  Here’s a crisis for the asking.

Lean Manufacturing & Optimation

If you have a crisis in fact or a crisis of competitive forces, Optimation can support your production objectives and build on your lean solution.  If your lean solution is to increase profits, we can help.  Would you like to improve quality control?  We know how. Is the competition forcing you to turn your product faster?  We have the expertise.  You say you have too much waste?  That’s one of our core competencies.

Whether you’re new to Optimation capabilities or a veteran of decades, I promise there is something more we can crack open to help make the difference you need.

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