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For any given material, I have multiple sheet sizes available. Can Optimation automatically choose the best size?

AxiomVE can automatically consider all available sheet sizes and choose the best size based on the parts on order.

Q&A Quick Facts
Can Optimation tell me which sheet size is the best one to purchase from my supplier?

You can use the software to automatically nest large quantities of your parts on different sheet sizes and provide you with statistical information to help you decide which sheet size is the most economical for your particular mix of parts.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Material Handling Cost Reductions

Material handling costs come from the labor and space used to manage material inventory. We cut costs by using less material and fewer sheet sizes with advanced CNC nesting software. We better manage the flow of parts to greatly reduce the chaos and WIP inventory.

Reduced Material Inventory

With our nesting software, you can reduce material inventory. Create tighter, more efficient nests. Material may be reduced 8-15%, requiring less inventory on hand.

Standardize your sheet size purchases

You can purchase a greater quantity of each of fewer stock sizes. This will lower your costs. Nest on remnants stored in the Optimation® software. You'll make full use of what would otherwise be scrap or eliminate handling the partial sheets.

A benchmark is a free test run of Optimation software using your parts, your materials, and due dates. We'll benchmark on any of your fabrication processes - laser, turret punch, waterjet, router, or knife - using your machine's interface. Compare the cost savings of our nesting solution results side by side with your current solution. Contact us now.

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