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Starting Lean Fabrication Project with Nesting Software
How to start a lean manufacturing project with CNC nesting software.   Read more

In Their Words
Responding to Short Lead Times

At our facility we run on short lead times. We have experienced significant reductions in lead times, especially in the area of custom parts that supplement our standard product. Often times, those parts are needed on short notice, and nesting with Optimation has streamlined that process greatly, through faster programming of the part and elimination of some operations from what we did before.
- Thyssen Krupp

More Detail
Three Nesting Software Strategies

How parts are viewed, nests created, and part production managed all impact the final outcome. Learn more about these methods and the different tools used to employ them.
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Did You Know
JIT Nesting Applications
  • Respond to new orders in one machine cycle.
  • Respond to new part revision or change in geometry in one machine cycle
  • Respond to re-work or scrapped parts in one machine cycle.
  • Re-route work to other machines in one machine cycle.
  • Dynamically balance machine load for all machines in the department.
Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Just in Time Nesting

Create nests and tool paths for CNC 2D fabrication on the fly - as you need them. You're always just minutes from the next sheet layout.

Respond to production changes on the next nest

With Just in Time (JIT) Nesting the programmer or operator responds to changes in demand within the one machine cycle time... virtually on the fly.

When JIT Nesting, each nest is created one at a time, just prior to being sent to the machine to be cut. It is precisely because of our sophisticated and automatic nesting, the operator or programmer can respond so quickly. The nesting and part programming operations take only minutes – far less than a manual or interactive nesting operation. Therefore, the user has the option of nesting at the machine tool or calling down a nest from a central CNC programming area as needed.

Machine Balancing

Additionally, multiple machines can be dynamically loaded. Fast machines will get more nests to produce while slower machines produce at their rate. If a machine goes down, production is shifted to the remaining machines avoiding costly production delays on critical parts. The next most important parts in the production queue go to the first available machine; keeping your production flowing smoothly.

Hot Parts

In fact a “hot part” can be produced on the next nest by assigning it a “high” priority. The “hot part” will be nested in the very next machine cycle preventing important downstream operations delays. With the Optimation® expert nesting engine AxiomVE, hot parts do not disrupt the nest by being forced on the nest first.   Instead, AxiomVE finds an optimal location for the hot parts while insuring that it is on the very next nest; providing an optimal solution while taming the normal chaos of production.

Invite as many associates as you like. In a free, private, online demonstration, we show you how our approach to automatic nesting can shave time and material in your operation.
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