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One-on-One Training

The personalized training is terrific. I learned so much about what the software can do –even after 12 years of using it. The skills I picked up in just 2 days will save us programming time and make us even more automatic.
- Northern Plains Steel

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10 Ways to Reduce Waste

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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Maintenance and Support Contract Benefits

Free Classroom Training

Maintenance customers have unlimited free training at our office. Our products are very robust and have many features and capabilities. Attending a training class customized to your equipment and using your parts, will allow you to discover new cost saving methods and tools. Customers that come to training leave with cost savings well above their expectations.

Sometimes staffing changes prompt training. When a new team member is on board, maintenance customers can send them to Optimation® headquarters for intensive one-on-one training to bring them up to speed quickly.

Onsite Training

Can't get away from the shop? We'll come to you. While on maintenance, we'll visit your shop and provide customized training one-on-one.

Free Online Training

We understand that there are times when time and workload doesn't permit focusing a day or two on training. Therefore, you can take advantage of our free monthly online classes. Pick up tips and learn about features you may not be familiar with in a quick one hour class at your desk. And bring your associates; each online class can handle up to 15 students per session.

Our engineers have decades of fabrication and nesting experience. Talk to a technician. We may have the solution you’re looking for. Contact us now.

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