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Common Cutting is Flawless

Being able to cut under the clamps of our sheet dragger lasers is a tremendous feature. The common line cutting feature is flawless. The automated nesting combined with the manual features gives us great nests. The automation built into the dxfs gains us tremendous accuracy and savings in programming time.
- Gaylord Industries

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Improve Cash Flow

Reduce monthly expenses by saving more on raw materials than you're spending on a software lease. Contact Us about Optimation Financing.
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Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Reduced Equipment Maintenance Costs

Less machine repair. Less tool replacement. Smaller electric or gas bill.

Reduced Maintenance

If your machine is running optimally, you’ll have less repair costs. How can nesting software help cut repair costs? With features including Collision Avoidance, Common Cutting for lasers, Tool Path Minimization for Punch processes you’ll see less traveled distances or fewer punches. Less machine use, means less machine repair or maintenance costs.

Less Consumables

Paying the electric bill is about as much fun as well, paying the electric bill. If run time, cut paths, tool hits, and more are optimal and consumables-friendly, then paying for the consumables still may not be fun, but a little less unpleasant. Sharpen tools less often, get more parts per torch consumables, use less cutting gases are all part of being more productive.

Lower Tooling Costs

Tools aren’t cheap and replacing them is a reality. However, Optimation® software can manage tool hits for less and can even tell you when it’s time to resharpen. Wouldn’t it be nice to resharpen the tool before it damages a part? Keep your costs down and your product quality up.

Optimation will conduct a private, live, one-on-one, customized demonstration at no charge. We will tailor the demonstration to your interests - cutting processes, machine brands, even special features specific to your production requirements. Contact us now.

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