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What is Nesting Software?
Nesting software can be a confusing term. Knowing what a software provider means by - and includes in - nesting software and make a big difference in your ultimate satisfaction with the product.   Read more

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Did You Know
Free Benchmark

A benchmark is a free test run of Optimation software using your parts, your materials, and due dates. We'll benchmark on any of your fabrication processes - laser, turret punch, waterjet, router or knife. There is no cost for this service. With a benchmark you can compare the cost savings of our nesting solution results side by side with your current solution.

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Free Nesting Tutorial

Don't have a budget or a project for nesting? Planning next year's budget? We will be happy to explain nesting technology and its benefits in your application without the sales pressure. Learn how nesting technology can greatly reduce your costs. Be the expert on nesting technology in your company. Contact Us.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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What is the definition of Demonstrations?

The purpose of a demonstration is to provide you with information about the huge cost reduction and time savings that comes from the most advanced nesting technology available. You will become fully informed about the state of the art of nesting technology so you can make informed decisions about optimizing your operations.

Optimation® will conduct a live, one-on-one demonstration at no charge. We will tailor the demonstration to your interests, cutting processes, machine brands, and even special features specific to your production requirements.

We present demonstrations through a private, secure online tool, where you can view them from your own office. Invite as many associates as you like. Feel free to ask any questions. We're here to share our fabricating knowledge with you.

The demonstration typically takes 1-2 hours. We walk through how the software is used - automatically. Then we show you what is really happening behind the scenes with the software. And, again, it is free of charge.

It's always helpful to know a little about your situation - what you're doing now and what you hope to do in the future - before the demonstration so we can be sure to answer any questions you may have and focus on the areas of most interest to you.

We'd be happy to set up a time to show you how we improve the fabrication process and how we could make a difference in your operation.

Call today to set up a free demonstration at a time most convenient to you.

Review additional definitions of other industry-specific terms amoung our Definitions Resources..

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