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Optimation launches a new blog featuring news and information on CNC automatic nesting. This blog is for you - Manufacturing Engineers, Programmers & Fabrication Managers.
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Three Nesting Software Strategies

How parts are viewed, nests created, and part production managed all impact the final outcome. Learn more about these methods and the different tools used to employ them.
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Software Evolves to Take a More Humanlike Approach
Seeing Part Complexity in our Nesting software

Nesting software has evolved to the point where it can "see" shape contours and can determine how they best fit together. Read More

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Exclusive nesting technology for Laser, Turret Punch, Plasma, Waterjet, Router & Knife fabrication

Vision Emulation Nesting Software Flash Demonstration

AxiomVE: The Next Generation Nesting Technology

Our Vision Emulation and Multi-Dimensional Combinatorial Nesting using fathoming take the science of nesting technology to the next level. This greater sophistication means greater material savings in with less programming time. We'll show you.

Never Been Beat

We’'ve never been beat in a head-to-head benchmark with our new approach to nesting (AxiomVE). The Vision Emulation (VE) and Multi-Dimensional Combinatorial Nesting (MDCN’) cuts material waste unlike anything before.

Seeing the Part Shape

Created and developed by Optimation, Vision Emulation allows the nesting engine to “see” the part shape. Similarly it sees the material space available. Just as you would identify the right puzzle piece to place in a picture puzzle, AxiomVE picks the right part and rotates it to the optimal angle.

Far Less Time

Without time consuming trial and error rotations to fit the part in the available space, AxiomVE cuts nesting time to a fraction of prior speeds. Manufacturers have seen nesting speeds cut to one-tenth of current speeds. MDCN is a sophisticated mathematical tool that works behind the scenes eliminating nesting options that it knows won’t result in the best possible nest. This saves significant nesting time that would otherwise be wasted in looking at less than ideal solutions.

General Benefits

Produce the parts you need, when you need them, in the exact quantities you need, at the lowest possible cost.

A benchmark is a free test run of Optimation software using your parts, your materials, and due dates. We'll benchmark on any of your fabrication processes - laser, turret punch, waterjet, router, or knife - using your machine's interface. Compare the cost savings of our nesting solution results side by side with your current solution. Contact us now.

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