In Their Words
"750,000 part numbers"

Optimation worked with us to accommodate our 750,000 different part numbers.
- Johnson Controls

Did You Know
We support all CADS outputting IGES or DXF and
  • Pro-Engineer
  • Solidworks
  • Unigraphics
  • Intergraph
  • Catia
Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Batch Input of Geometries

Less programming time. Fast, easy porting of your CAD files into Optimation® nesting software in seconds.

One Part Library

Optimation believes in a single-source directory for original part geometries. You never have to wonder where the "golden" part or latest revision of the CAD file is. Is it in design or manufacturing? Is V3 or V4 the latest version? With a seamless interface to your CAD program, you'll always be assured of pulling down the most current design. Revision management is made easy.

Automatically Read Manufacturing Attributes

Because we "draw" on the original CAD files in your CAD software, we can also read in manufacturing attributes (bend lines, work center destination, grain constraints) and more, all embedded in the CAD files as text or layers. This saves time and the potential for error.

Using your part design files, quantities, due dates and our software, we'll put the Optimation to the test in a custom benchmark. You'll know exactly what you could be saving. Contact us now.

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