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6 Hours to 30 minutes

I can order 414 parts in about 45 seconds. Optimation automated the part ordering process and what used to take me 6 hours now takes 30 minutes.
- Delfield Refrigeration

Did You Know
Seamless Interface with MRP/ERP, Kanban, Demand-Pull or any Scheduler

Optimation software can be automatically linked to any scheduling system (MRP/ERP or other schedulers) that outputs an ASCII. Shop floor scheduleing, file including Kanban and Demand-Pull systems can be easily interfaced: eliminating the need for time-consuming, manual order entry.

Q&A Quick Facts
Can you give feedback to our MRP or scheduling system?

We provide a large variety of information about the nests that have been processed, including order status, material utilization and efficiency, and part areas. Custom reports can be returned to your systems for inventory management, part costing, labor reporting to name a few.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Automatic Batch Order Entry

Why manually key orders from your scheduling to your nesting software? Import them directly into Optimation® - fast, easy, error-free.

Cut Time from Order to Part

When the turn-around time from order to part is important, any time saving opportunity can make a difference. Optimation offers automated order entry, saving time and reducing the potential for error.

Error-free, Order Entry

When operating in Batch Mode (creating multiple nests at one time), Optimation can capture an exported ASCII file with order information. Orders can be production-ready in a matter of seconds potentially cutting hours off of your turn around time.

Parts on Demand

Any order can be set to be produced on demand as needed. With as little information as quantity, material, and due date, the order is quickly on its way.

Hot Parts

In fact a “hot part” can be produced on the next nest assigning it a “high” priority. Any nests already created (batched) can be discarded (their orders will be automatically reloaded) and and new batch can be created in just minutes to accommodate the “hot” part with no disruption to the production process.

Our engineers have decades of fabrication and nesting experience. We can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation. Contact us now.

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