Nesting Strategies
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What is JIT Nesting?
Nesting Software with JIT Nesting Abilities   Read more

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10 Ways to Reduce Waste

Reducing material use is a "hard" cost savings you can see in real dollars. Check out this free report for creative solutions for eliminating waste.
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8 Ways to Evaluate a Nest

You may be surprised to learn that material efficiency isn't the only way to determine if a nest is "good." Consider more options outlined in this free report.

Automatic CNC Nesting Software

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Nesting Software for
Amada Lasers  and  Turret Punch Presses

Nesting Software for Amada LasersNesting Software for Amada Turret Punch Presses

Optimation® drives hundreds of Amada lasers and turret punch presses. We create dynamic nests automatically and CNC code for your specific Amada model. Amada programming is done in minutes. Create nests for an entire shift, day, or week or create them one at a time as order demand changes. Either way, your programming - with tooling - and nesting is done in minutes.

Save programming time

  • Batch Order Entry in Minutes
  • Batch Geometric Part Input in Minutes
  • Part Programming in Minutes
  • Automatic Tooling

Save material

Process Supported

  • Turret Punch Only
  • Single Part Programming / Blank to Size
  • Turret Punch Plasma
  • Turret Punch Laser
  • Turret Punch Router
  • Turret Punch Shear
  • FMS Cells with Unloading
  • FMS Cells with Auto Loading
  • FMS Cells with Sorting
  • Turret Punch Before Shear

Every manufacturing situation is unique. That's why we want to learn about you, first. Then we're happy to offer our knowledge, experience, and software tools to help. Contact us now.

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